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Conte is the assumed name of a recurring character in a number of video games by graphics hackers known as Inventor. It is assumed that this is his name, based on the fact that at least three games starring him have "Conte" in the title.

Conte's species is also assumed, with his round head and (usually) red eyemask headband making him look like a Ninja Turtle, he is generally accepted to be Inventor's version of a Ninja Turtle. That said, some closer-up images of Conte and his ilk show a thinner headband tied above their eyes, but all player sprites show it covering the same area as the Ninja Turtles in general. Even if Conte wasn't intended to be a Ninja Turtle by Inventor, he is at least accepted to be one in most communities familiar with his games (potentially making this fanon of fanon). However, it is worth noting that two of the games in which Conte stars, Conte Enegy and Rescue Kuck, are actually modified versions of hacks which genuinely star a Ninja Turtle, Turtles and Turtles II, respectively.


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